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Failed: cppsuite-hs-cleanup-stress on Cppsuite Stress Tests [WiredTiger (develop) @ 02cff711]

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      cppsuite-hs-cleanup-stress failed on Cppsuite Stress Tests

      Host: ec2-3-215-22-140.compute-1.amazonaws.com
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-7762 Create stressful configs for the two tests add them to evergreen. (#6794)

      • Creating new evergreen variant "Cppsuite Stress Tests"
      • Adding 3 new tests to evergreen: cppsuite-hs-cleanup-default, cppsuite-hs-cleanup-stress, base-test-stress
      • Adding snappy compression to the test framework, which can be turned on or off in the configuration for the test this was done to avoid issues with evergreen artifact upload timeouts
      • Modifying the way values are generated to make them a bit more compressible
      • Adding rollback handling to various portions of the test framework
      • Tuning the stress workloads
        Co-authored-by: Alex Cameron <alex.cameron@10gen.com> | 14 Jul 21 22:39 UTC
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