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Fix Windows failures related to column store changes



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      unit-test failed on * Windows 64-bit CMake

      Host: ec2-54-242-73-142.compute-1.amazonaws.com
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-7974 More column fixes and tests (#6915)

      • Changes to the timestamp_abort test to run with columns.

      (Use -c for columns.)

      • Add a rollback_to_stable test that fails on today's RLE-counting bug.
      • Fix RLE counting bug in column rollback to stable.
      • New Python tests exercising rollback-to-stable vs. column-store RLE cells.
      • __rollback_ondisk_fixup_key: avoid error-path free twice
      • Add and enable column-store support in test_truncated_log.
      • Changes to the wt6616_checkpoint_oldest_ts test to run with both columns and rows.
      • Changes to the wt6185_modify_ts test to run with columns as well as rows.
      • Changes to the schema_abort test to allow running with columns.
      • Re-enable test_wt2246_col_append.

      (It was disabled in WT-5790 because it was failing, but it works now.)

      • Changes from initial review.

      Also, while crosschecking options lists it turned out that I'd
      forgotten to actually add the columns option handling to wt6185,
      probably because there was already a 'c' case in the switch, so do
      that correctly and use -C. "oops"

      • Fix a missed sessionconf[] -> tableconf[].
      • test_rollback_to_stable25: Clarify the code that tracks the expected values.
      • Remove debug bits accidentally left in.
      • Remove rollback_to_stable26.

      It looks like the reality of integration testing and the available
      test machines is that it won't work reliably, and probably can't be
      made to.

      It isn't worthwhile making a C test for this; the point was to have
      something quick in the Python suite. If the behavior regresses, at
      least timestamp_abort and I think others in the C suite will start
      running forever; this won't necessarily cause overt failures, but
      because they're part of make check someone will notice.

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