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Create a read order for the architecture guide

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      As the Architecture guide is completed it would be beneficial to create a read order page so new hires, and interested users could be guided through it.

      I discussed with donald.anderson and the general idea we have is:

      1. Create a brief intro to the architecture guide and leave it above the diagram on the main page, in this introduction link to the architecture guide read order page.
      2. Additionally a link to the read order should be added to the new hire wiki page.
      3. Craft an understandable read order page.

      The read order page would have something similar to:

      1. Introduction to WT concepts which also links to the api introduction page and glossary.
      2. A defined order of reading split into digestible chunks, can link to subheadings on pages which have an excess of detail for new readers

      We came up with the following read order which doesn't yet contain all pages:

      Introduction to WiredTiger:
      - Connection 
      - Session
      - Cursor
      - Schema
      - Metadata -> Metadata Table 
      - Transaction
      WiredTiger concepts:
      - Snapshot
      - Btree 
      - Cache
      - Eviction
      - Checkpoint
      - History store
      - Dhandles
      - Row store and column store
      Extended reading:
      - Logging 
         - Log file format
      - Block manager
      - Data file format

      The scope of this ticket is to:

      • Define a read order, validate by reading in said order and having other team members agree on the ordering
        • If gaps are found in the architecture guide create a WT ticket to track the gaps so they can be filled.
        • Possibly organize a meeting to discuss / come up with the read order.
      • Write an introduction in the main page.
      • Write a read order page, similar to what is described above.
        • Link to the page in the wiki.



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