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Fix the block cache returning blocks for the wrong table

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    • WT10.0.1, 5.2.0, 5.0.5
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      format-stress-smoke-test-1 failed on Ubuntu 20.04 Stress tests

      Host: ec2-18-212-156-3.compute-1.amazonaws.com
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-3445 Add multiple tables to format tester. (#7079)

      • Rework format to handle and test multiple tables. CONFIG changes should be backward compatible, that is,
        old and new style CONFIGs should both work. Multiple tables are configured by default, but not if backward compatibility is specified (the -B) option.
      • Remove format's ability to do multiple test runs, it now only does a single configuration and test run per
      • Remove the strict order checking on next/prev cursor operations. It's finicky code that only
        runs if there are no delete operations and doesn't provide that much value above the cursor
        order checking in the library itself. If you put it back, be cautious that you don't check
        returned order outside of the initial VLCS bulk-loaded key range, if an insert aborts, then
        you'll see skips in the returned cursor values.
      • Btree dictionaries apply to both RS & VLCS.
      • Turn on additional VLCS testing.
      • Don't print out configurations that don't apply to the data source or base configuration.
      • Run RTS on in-memory configurations.
      • When I removed format's replay support, I didn't quite get it all, remove the underying file name.
        Remove a couple of other paths that are no longer in use.
      • Add the MAX_FORMAT_PATH #define for general buffer sizing.
      • Fix a bug where updates weren't done in implicit transactions as they should have been (they
        would happen if the isolation level was left over at snapshot-isolation, but that could be
      • Add NVRAM/DRAM block cache support to format. | 29 Oct 21 00:05 UTC
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