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Leaf page split failed during salvage VLCS



    format-stress-sanitizer-test-3 failed on Ubuntu 20.04 Stress tests

    Host: ec2-54-84-86-26.compute-1.amazonaws.com
    Project: WiredTiger (develop)
    Commit: diff: WT-8418 Patch CMake to better support CI/CD testing (#7210)

    Covers a set of CMake patches, fixes & improvements to support
    better integration with Evergreen. The changes in this PR are
    miscellaneous and varied, mostly discovered whilst porting different
    Evergreen tests to run with a CMake build. Specifically the changes in this
    commit include:

    • Fixing config name when using pthread_adaptive in CMake
    • Refactor CMake Build Mode configs to support MSan and TSan
    • Add Python 'ex_access' as CMake CTest
    • Add wt2719_reconfig csuite CMake test
    • Drop '_encrypt' suffix for 'rotn' module
    • Force the test_util+windows_shim libs to be static
    • Export private libraries via the pkg-config file
    • Provide the ability to specify toolchain versions
    • Specify an ext subpath in the cppsuite
    • Specify an ext subpath in the test/format
    • Add an additional CTest label to cppsuite tests
    • Support passing CMake build path in python tools: 'syscall.py'
      and 'test_conf_dump.py' | 22 Nov 21 04:41 UTC
      Evergreen Subscription: ; Evergreen Event:

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