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Upgrading the variant for cppsuite stress tests and tuning some configurations

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    • WT11.0.0, 6.1.0-rc0
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    • Storage - Ra 2022-05-30, Storage - Ra 2022-06-13, Storage Engines - 2022-06-27
    • v6.0

      While implementing WT-8122 I encountered a disk size issue where the ubuntu2004-small variant didn't have enough space for the workload I had built. I would like to upgrade all the cppsuite stress test tasks to the medium variant, as opposed to creating another variant in evergreen for CppSuite tasks that need a bigger disk.

      Additionally we will have extra 4cpus and 16GB of ram to use in our testing. Which means that a lot of the workloads can be tweaked to make them more stressful.

      luke.chen do you think its reasonable to upgrade it? We can also reduce the frequency that the CppSuite tasks run if the additional costs seems too high.

      Scope of work:

      1. Change the variant definition in evergreen.yml
      2. Tune the current stressful workloads if required (fix their post runs stats so they don't fail).

            luke.pearson@mongodb.com Luke Pearson
            luke.pearson@mongodb.com Luke Pearson
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