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S3 extension code cleanup and hardening and verbose logging

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    • Storage - Ra 2022-04-04

      This ticket is going to do some cleanup of the code for the S3 extension and get it ready for wider adoption by the team. This is a meta ticket tracking all the work, we will create individual tickets to address the following:

      • WT-8995 Create documentation for the S3 extension, covering how to build the extension and use it with WiredTiger
      • WT-8998 Uniform coding standards, error handling and logging
        • Do a code walk-through and make changes wherever needed to adopt uniform coding standards
        • We also switch to C++17 for WiredTiger, so we can make use of facilities brought on by the newer standard (example, the filesystem API)
        • Verify that all error paths are being handled gracefully and logs are being generated
        • Add verbose logging where it will be helpful to debug
        • While doing the walkthrough, identify the code paths that are not being (unit) tested. We will use separate tickets to write these tests.
      • WT-8999 Add the extra unit tests identified as part of the code walkthrough.
      • WT-9000 Add any extra python test(s) identified as part of the code walkthrough.
      • WT-9002 The S3 tests that run on evergreen use two buckets, one in Asia Pacific and the other in US East. It might make sense to move the buckets to locations closer to the test machines. That might help us run the tests faster.
      • Review code with the Tora team (possibly with donald.anderson), and incorporate any review comments.

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