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Move the S3 test buckets closer to the test machines for faster run time

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    • Storage - Ra 2022-04-04

      This work is split from WT-8855. Explore if it makes sense to move the test buckets closer to the test machines for a faster test time.

      We currently use two buckets for testing, one is in US-West, the other in the Asia Pacific (AP). The one in AP is most heavily used. The test machines on the other hand are likely in the US. I reckon we can run the tests much faster if we move the buckets to a more favourable region. This ticket will do that exploration, and if needed move the buckets. The buckets are deliberately spread in multiple regions to test the code that resolves the location. We should not lose the coverage there.

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      Find out the location of the test machines. Switch the main bucket to be in the same region. Keep the second bucket in a different region.

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