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Use the maximum number of cores for ARM64 stress testing and disable ASan tests on this build variant

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    • Storage - Ra 2022-04-18, Storage - Ra 2022-05-02

      WT-8913 is adding ARM64 stress tests on WiredTiger's Evergreen project. On x86 we use a machine with 4 cores, 16 GB and we would like to use a similar-sized machine on ARM.

      By default, we run the same number of jobs in parallel as the cores available. On the ARM machine with 4 cores, the format-stress-sanitizer-[1,2,3] would fail as one or more jobs would be killed by the OOM manager. Even with jobs reduced to 2 at a time, OOM killer kicks in.

      For now, I am using the 8-core machine (ubuntu2004-arm64-large) with 4 parallel jobs to get the stress tests to pass.

      This ticket should investigate the reason for the OOM kicking in, and if possible make the change to use a smaller machine, ubuntu2004-arm64-small with the same jobs as the cores.

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