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Fix a race tracking whether a tree has updates after a checkpoint

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    • Storage - Ra 2022-05-30, Storage Engines - 2022-08-22
    • v6.0, v5.0, v4.4, v4.2

      In a build failure on MongoDB master, we observed the following behavior:

      • There is a validation failure on the local.replset.initialSyncId collection. That collection is unusual in a few different ways:
        • It is an immediately durable (journaled) collection.
        • It only ever has a single document in it.
      • Writes to the collection are not done at a timestamp.
      • The validation failure tends to happen shortly after startup, and results in either the value in the collection or index not being found by the validation.
      • The document and its index are inserted as part of a single WiredTiger transaction, so they should either both be visible or neither - that's a guarantee that WiredTiger gives, which is not being honored here.

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