Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.4 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-395] - Sockets unnecessarily closed after operation failures
  • [PYTHON-398] - AssertionError: ids don't match 545103003
  • [PYTHON-399] - method Cursor.clone() returns a new Cursor instance with references on parent
  • [PYTHON-403] - Don't use $query when querying against the $cmd collection.
  • [PYTHON-407] - Adding first user from localhost works but raises OperationFailure
  • [PYTHON-411] - GridFS file metadata not always stored on server
  • [PYTHON-412] - "name" attribute inconsistent in GridIn and GridOut
  • [PYTHON-413] - MemoryError while retrieving large cursors
  • [PYTHON-415] - Disconnection is not detected with tailable cursor
  • [PYTHON-416] - find_and_modify silently fails to handle sort argument
  • [PYTHON-417] - Sharded GridFS fails with exception: chunks out of order
  • [PYTHON-420] - start_request() should allow nesting
  • [PYTHON-422] - Python 3.1.x pickle issues with bson.binary.Binary
  • [PYTHON-430] - UnicodeDecodeError in bson\objectid
  • [PYTHON-433] - json_util.dumps doesn't handle DBRefs correctly
  • [PYTHON-440] - Two identical DBRef objects are both equal and non-equal simultaneously
  • [PYTHON-441] - Son equality check should also check order

New Feature

  • [PYTHON-275] - Simple way to check if a Connection is still alive.
  • [PYTHON-297] - Support Unix domain sockets.
  • [PYTHON-423] - Support MongoClient / MongoReplicaSetClient defaulting to acknowledged write operations.


  • [PYTHON-397] - Clarify what "w" means.
  • [PYTHON-404] - Clarify use of 'fields' parameter in Collection.find()
  • [PYTHON-409] - Support github contributing guidelines
  • [PYTHON-424] - Update any tutorials for switch to default write acknowledgement
  • [PYTHON-425] - Update presentations for switch to default write acknowledgement
  • [PYTHON-426] - Blog post for switch to default write acknowledgement
  • [PYTHON-435] - Rewrite gevent docs to include a step-by-step example.
  • [PYTHON-437] - Replace 'safe' with 'w' in internal methods.
  • [PYTHON-438] - typo in pymongo "collection" documentation


  • [PYTHON-384] - Raise an exception if an unacknowledged write is attempted against a secondary or arbiter.
  • [PYTHON-396] - Raise ConnectionFailure instead of AutoReconnect if the initial server connection fails.
  • [PYTHON-405] - Add slow_ms as an option for Database.set_profiling_level.
  • [PYTHON-410] - Validate update object keys when not using $ update operators.
  • [PYTHON-421] - __copy__ and __deepcopy__ should call logic from .clone() on cursors?
  • [PYTHON-427] - New write concern API
  • [PYTHON-429] - Insert's, update's, remove's return values are under-documented

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