Release Notes - C Driver - Version 1.1.5 - HTML format


  • [CDRIVER-514] - undefined reference to `bson_atomic_int64_add' (mongo-c-driver-1.1.0) in armv7l
  • [CDRIVER-515] - Undefined reference "bson_atomic_int64_add" on 32bit embed system
  • [CDRIVER-524] - Links to libbson from mongoc docs don't work
  • [CDRIVER-527] - On github incorrect information in section "Building from Release Tarball"
  • [CDRIVER-529] - Building stable version says it is unstable version
  • [CDRIVER-580] - Write concern with w=0 and j=true is a GLE op
  • [CDRIVER-606] - Static library build failure on Mac OS
  • [CDRIVER-613] - ANSI C warnings
  • [CDRIVER-616] - __sync_add_and_fetch_4 missing on i386
  • [CDRIVER-618] - mongoc_database_get_collection_names returns non-NULL on err
  • [CDRIVER-619] - Fail fast after hangup with TLS
  • [CDRIVER-624] - Fail build with GCC 5
  • [CDRIVER-630] - default_stream_initiator can block forever in TLS handshake
  • [CDRIVER-638] - The cdriver's scram implementation doesn't work with openssl FIPS
  • [CDRIVER-642] - Work around localhost exception issues in add_user when connected to MongoDB >= 2.7.1


  • [CDRIVER-506] - docs should clarify the default read/write concern behavior


  • [CDRIVER-481] - Allow to turn off performance counters SHM at compile time
  • [CDRIVER-560] - Need to add mongoc-client-pool-private.h in mongoc-client-pool-private.c

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