Release Notes - Node.js Driver - Version 3.6.0 - HTML format


  • [NODE-2416] - Confusing documentation for collection.aggregate collation option
  • [NODE-2502] - replaceOne example in test/examples/update_documents.js incorrect
  • [NODE-2537] - createCollection helper should not run listIndexes outside of strict mode
  • [NODE-2567] - Fix qs dependency for older node
  • [NODE-2616] - SDAM test typo "compatible"
  • [NODE-2623] - Gridfs doesn't allow to catch exception with length that exceeds file size
  • [NODE-2660] - Throw an error if bulk update documents don't contain update operator expressions
  • [NODE-2711] - Monitoring should not be immediately scheduled on streaming failure


New Feature

  • [NODE-2269] - Add support for validate command "background" option
  • [NODE-2288] - MONGODB-AWS Support
  • [NODE-2289] - Support for allowDiskUse on find operations
  • [NODE-2290] - Allow passing hint to findAndModify update and replace operations
  • [NODE-2291] - Improve testing around default writeConcern
  • [NODE-2295] - Collection and index creation in multi-doc txns


  • [NODE-2150] - Bump wire protocol version for 4.4
  • [NODE-2301] - Support shorter SCRAM conversation
  • [NODE-2427] - OCSP Support
  • [NODE-2434] - Reduce Client Time To Recovery On Topology Changes


  • [NODE-2175] - Avoid using readConcern snapshot in sharded transaction tests
  • [NODE-2176] - Resync bson-corpus array.json to fix duplicate test names
  • [NODE-2379] - Expand use of error labels for RetryableWrites
  • [NODE-2393] - Change uri_options/auth-options spec test to enable conditional tests
  • [NODE-2394] - Verify max set version and max election id on topologies in SDAM spec tests
  • [NODE-2423] - Deprecate oplogReplay find command option from CRUD spec
  • [NODE-2426] - Make ExceededTimeLimit retryable writes error
  • [NODE-2429] - GridFS index checking should support indexes created in the shell
  • [NODE-2430] - Raise error if hint specified for unacknowledged update using OP_MSG or OP_UPDATE
  • [NODE-2431] - Reduce floating point precision required of extended json implementations
  • [NODE-2432] - Clarify behavior when "me" field doesn't match any values in "hosts" array
  • [NODE-2433] - Lift restriction on authSource without credentials
  • [NODE-2452] - Unify behavior around configuration for replica set discovery
  • [NODE-2477] - Allow hinting the delete command
  • [NODE-2487] - Support speculative authentication attempts in isMaster
  • [NODE-2504] - Add SDAM test for incompatible server becoming compatible
  • [NODE-2506] - Ensure that the WriteConcernError "errInfo" object is propagated
  • [NODE-2510] - Driver support for server Hedged Reads
  • [NODE-2516] - Update comment in Transactions withTxn examples for the manual.
  • [NODE-2538] - Add RetryableWriteError error labels to retryable transaction tests
  • [NODE-2546] - Deprecate geoHaystack and geoSearch
  • [NODE-2557] - Remove replicaset from tests that perform reIndex command
  • [NODE-2559] - Reduce race conditions in SDAM error handling
  • [NODE-2560] - Make 'reIndex' a standalone-only command
  • [NODE-2564] - Clarify how a driver must handle wrong set name in single topology
  • [NODE-2569] - 'CommitQuorum' option support for 'createIndexes’ command on MongoDB 4.4
  • [NODE-2576] - Raise error when hint option is provided on unacknowledged writes against any server version
  • [NODE-2592] - Update documentation for Text Search
  • [NODE-2594] - Do not add the RetryableWriteError label to errors that occur during a write within a transaction (excepting commitTransaction and abortTransaction)
  • [NODE-2622] - allowDiskUse option for find should be documented as only being supported in 4.4+
  • [NODE-2627] - Reduce default keepalive time to align with Azure defaults
  • [NODE-2634] - Ensure OCSP and AWS auth are tested on both 4.4 and latest
  • [NODE-2659] - Drivers should retry replSetStepDown after "Unable to acquire X lock" error
  • [NODE-2661] - Define behavior of connectTimeoutMS=0 with streaming protocol
  • [NODE-2675] - Test that ElectionInProgress is not resumed
  • [NODE-2682] - Treat CursorNotFound as a resumable change stream error

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