Release Notes - MongoDB Shell - Version 1.5.1 - HTML format


  • [MONGOSH-1244] - Cannot call mongo.getClientEncryption() when encryptedFieldsMap was provided

New Feature


  • [MONGOSH-1147] - Add Amazon Linux 2022 smoke tests for Mongosh
  • [MONGOSH-1194] - Support multiple --eval arguments
  • [MONGOSH-1225] - Improve documentation for mongosh build process
  • [MONGOSH-1232] - Test error message for SCRAM-SHA-1 in FIPS mode
  • [MONGOSH-1253] - Update telemetry client config to make it less intrusive for cli users
  • [MONGOSH-1261] - Bump mongodb-client-encryption to node-v2.2.0-alpha.4

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