Release Notes - MongoDB Shell - Version 1.10.0 - HTML format



  • [MONGOSH-1408] - Add helpers for managing Atlas search indexes


  • [MONGOSH-1403] - Ensure `collStats` and `currentOp` command and stage result handling permits missing information
  • [MONGOSH-1431] - Stop sending truncateOps to ADF
  • [MONGOSH-1432] - Create shell helpers for checkMetadataConsistency command
  • [MONGOSH-1442] - Add and expose metrics to make shard key selection easier
  • [MONGOSH-1469] - Bump node driver to 5.6.0


  • [MONGOSH-1455] - Helpers for managing search indexes (other than getSearchIndexes)
  • [MONGOSH-1456] - Helpers for managing search indexes (getSearchIndexes)

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