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Mongod always complain "Fatal assertion 18750 UnrecoverableRollbackError" after mongod abnormal termination

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      1) kill primary mongod of replica-set during crud operation,
      2) restart primary mongod

      1) kill primary mongod of replica-set during crud operation, 2) restart primary mongod
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      MongoDB server always complain "Fatal assertion 18750" after abnormal mongod termination.

      Sometimes mongod server is hang and no response, at that time mongod server almost not response (SERVER-23778). So I can't terminate mongod normally.
      So I kill mongod with SIGKILL. Or sometimes linux kill mongod because excessive memory usage. Anyway always mongod complain this assertion error and stop replicating during startup after mongod abnormal shutdown.

      2016-04-20T22:51:04.192+0900 I REPL     [ReplicationExecutor] This node is test02-mongo3:27017 in the config
      2016-04-20T22:51:04.193+0900 I REPL     [ReplicationExecutor] Member test02-mongo1:27017 is now in state SECONDARY
      2016-04-20T22:51:04.193+0900 I REPL     [ReplicationExecutor] Member test02-mongo2:27017 is now in state PRIMARY
      2016-04-20T22:51:05.183+0900 I REPL     [ReplicationExecutor] syncing from: test02-mongo2:27017
      2016-04-20T22:51:05.184+0900 I REPL     [SyncSourceFeedback] setting syncSourceFeedback to test02-mongo2:27017
      2016-04-20T22:51:05.185+0900 I ASIO     [NetworkInterfaceASIO-BGSync-0] Successfully connected to test02-mongo2:27017
      2016-04-20T22:51:05.187+0900 I REPL     [rsBackgroundSync] Starting rollback due to OplogStartMissing: our last op time fetched: (term: 15, timestamp: Apr 20 10:20:00:7). source's GTE: (term: 16, timestamp: Apr 20 10:20:00:7) hashes: (-157997914050892151/-8410528485294631657)
      2016-04-20T22:51:05.187+0900 I -        [rsBackgroundSync] Fatal assertion 18750 UnrecoverableRollbackError: need to rollback, but in inconsistent state. minvalid: (term: 16, timestamp: Apr 20 10:20:01:2) > our last optime: (term: 15, timestamp: Apr 20 10:20:00:7)
      2016-04-20T22:51:05.187+0900 I -        [rsBackgroundSync]
      ***aborting after fassert() failure

      Is this normal behavior or there might be something wrong on my configuration.
      And is there any fast way to recover without full re-sync ?

      I found a few bug-report from JIRA, but they say it's already fixed.
      So I report this issue again.


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