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Adding a comment to all commands

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    • 4.3.1
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    • Query 2019-07-29, Query 2019-08-12, Query 2019-08-26, Query 2019-09-09, Query 2019-09-23, Query 2019-10-07
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      The following proposed feature request would allow comments to be added to bulk operations. The comment should behave similar to cursor.comment().

      The requested functionality is as follows:

      • Allow a configurable comment be added to bulk.execute() commands.
      • When using a sharded collection if the bulk operation is directed at more than one shard the same comment should appear for the bulk operation across all shards.
      • If a more verbose log level is enabled that shows the individual operation for the bulk operation the same comment should be present on these individual operations.
      • The comment should appear in the mongod logs, system.profile and db.currentOp().

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