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BigPolygons $geoIntersects , areas greater than single hemisphere

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    • Query 2019-08-12

      "The custom MongoDB CRS uses a counter-clockwise winding order and allows $geoIntersects to support queries with a single-ringed GeoJSON polygon whose area is greater than or equal to a single hemisphere. If the specified polygon is smaller than a single hemisphere, the behavior of $geoIntersectswith the MongoDB CRS is the same as with the default CRS. See also “Big” Polygons."

        <location field>: {
           $geoIntersects: {
              $geometry: {
                 type: "Polygon" ,
                 coordinates: [ <coordinates> ],

      {               type: "name",               properties: \{ name: "urn:x-mongodb:crs:strictwinding:EPSG:4326" }

      I want to make $geoIntersects queries for Geojson kept in database that intersects the Polygon. However, the the area can be greater than a single hemisphere or not. For that I have to use the crs property highlighted above.
      https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/operator/query/geoIntersects/ says that "the behavior of $geoIntersectswith the MongoDB CRS is the same as with the default CRS", but if I keep the custom Crs property , and the area is smaller than a single hemisphere I get the intersections from the complementary area. So it seems not to keep the defautl crs behaviour for areas smaller than a single hemisphere.
      Can you help on this issue please?

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