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Evergreen tasks do not always depend on archive_dist_test_debug

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      Some evergreen tasks that run server tests (i.e. https://spruce.mongodb.com/task/mongodb_mongo_master_enterprise_rhel80_dynamic_v4gcc_debug_experimental_display_tenant_migration_stepdown_jscore_passthrough_1761823f3a34b56a39816b774f5d632e0e67ca91_22_12_07_03_54_19/execution-tasks?execution=0&sorts=STATUS%3AASC ) do not depend on "archive_dist_test_debug". This means that when `evergreen fetch` is used to fetch artifacts associated with such a task, debug symbols are not gathered. 

      In practice, this means that when server engineers spawn hosts from tasks to investigate failures, any core dumps are effectively unusable because the debug symbols for the binaries and shared libraries are not fetched to the machine. This also means the setup_spawnhost_coredump script cannot setup the machine for easy debugging, as the debug symbols are not on the machine when the script starts running. The workaround is for server engineers to manually find the archive_dist_test_debug task matching their build and manually move the symbols (using curl or similar) to the spawned host, unpack them, put them in the appropriate directory, and configure gdb to find the symbols.

      Since these steps were previously automated by the setup_spawnhost_coredump script and evergreen fetch, this has added a lot of friction to the core-dump debugging workflow for server engineers. 

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