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Reuse build artifacts across builders which differ only in server test execution parameters

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    • 6.2.0-rc0
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    • Dev Platform 2022-05-30, Dev Platform 2022-06-13, Dev Platform 2022-06-27, Dev Platform 2022-07-11, Dev Platform 2022-07-25
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      We have lots of builders which differ only in the parameters under which the tests execute. For instance ubuntu1804-sbe-yielding-debug and ubuntu1804-debug-suggested. Currently, those builders each declare the full complement of build and test stages: compile_dist_test, run_unittests. However, the results of compile_dist_test are identical across those two builders, and the unit tests aren't parameterized. We could arrange things so that these builders (and builders in similar relationships) simply re-use the compilation artifacts from the "canonical" builder. Eliminating this duplicated work would reduce artifact cache pressure, eliminate duplicate BFs when things are broken, avoid spending time executing unit tests which should give identical results, etc.

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