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Handle command request/reply serialization/deserialization

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    • 7.1.0-rc0
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      The goal here is to honor serializer options being passed into the serializers and deserializers when being called by a command, which are only loosely coupled with the state of the feature flags.  There are 6 primary scenarios we need to consider:

      1. Command Request Serialization  --> Route to 5
      2. Command Request Deserialization
      3. Command Reply Serialization
      4. Command Reply Deserialization  --> Route to 6
      5. Storage/Default Serialization (adheres to feature flag)
      6. Storage/Default Deserialization (adheres to feature flag)


      Non-command scenarios 5 and 6 will maintain the existing behavior dictated by feature flag states.  As Scenario 1 maintains existing behavior since it is primarily used for server-to-server communication that is NOT dependent on Atlas Proxy, we should route it to Scenario 5.  Scenario 2 and 3 are described separately in the two sections here, and any names returned in command responses should adhere to those rules when deciding whether to prefix or not.  Scenario 4 is used primarily for deserializing requests from other servers (ie. complementary to Scenario 1), so it also abides by flag-defined behaviors (Scenario 6).

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