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Change command serialization/deserialization manual calls

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      So far we have been focusing on changing out the IDL infrastructure, which includes calls that are handled by automatically generated code.  However, classes built using the IDL generator can also be manually called in hand-rolled code, and where we manually create these objects we may need to either create and populate serialization context objects to pass in, or we will need to pass these serialization context objects in from some outer parent object.

      The majority of the work here will be to seek out where we manually create these objects, and to determine the context in which they are being used.  This will give us the direction needed to figure out what modifications are needed.  During the course of work for SERVER-74284, we have marked off a number of TODOs that show possibly affected sites, as well we should scrutinize calls to the parseNamespaceFromRequest() and parseNamespaceFromDoc() and see if we need to pass in SerializationContext objects at these sites.

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