Release Notes - MongoDB Shell - Version 1.0.6 - HTML format


  • [MONGOSH-931] - Overriding global function defintions does not work in browser-repl
  • [MONGOSH-937] - Incorrect name for deprecated function listed in help()
  • [MONGOSH-945] - Autocomplete for `use` behaves unexpectedly in cases where a cluster has a single database
  • [MONGOSH-952] - mongosh should ask for password if connection string contains username
  • [MONGOSH-957] - mongosh does not provide a number using count() for large collection
  • [MONGOSH-968] - Fix oplog size reporting by getReplicationInfo() and printReplicationInfo()
  • [MONGOSH-971] - ShellResult is visible when interrupting with Ctrl+C
  • [MONGOSH-972] - Behavior of materialized views does not match legacy shell
  • [MONGOSH-974] - mongosh doesn't support single dash option and doens't give back any error
  • [MONGOSH-979] - NumberLong() should use Long.fromNumber()
  • [MONGOSH-981] - Compile mongosh binary does not work in MONGOSH_RUN_NODE_SCRIPT mode
  • [MONGOSH-982] - sh.status() and similar methods have extra mongos check
  • [MONGOSH-986] - \033 doesn't work with mongosh


  • [MONGOSH-910] - Make db.setSecondaryOk()/mongo.setSecondaryOk()/rs.secondaryOk() deprecated aliases for setReadPref
  • [MONGOSH-946] - Add functionality to mongosh to decode a resume token
  • [MONGOSH-948] - Expand API documentation for core parts of mongosh
  • [MONGOSH-951] - Retain single-line comments as block comments in multiline input
  • [MONGOSH-965] - Remove parcelRequire from REPL globals
  • [MONGOSH-976] - .watch() should either typecheck pipeline argument or allow omitting it
  • [MONGOSH-983] - Clean up deprecation warning printing code

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