Release Notes - MongoDB Shell - Version 2.0.0 - HTML format

Build Failure

  • [MONGOSH-1573] - Investigate flaky "adds a arbiter member to the config" test



  • [MONGOSH-1578] - Investigate changes in NODE-5484: Add Node16+ support for the `cause` property in errors


  • [MONGOSH-1202] - mongosh does not show validation error details in error message
  • [MONGOSH-1317] - Explain for aggregation executed as "executionStats" even if not requested
  • [MONGOSH-1460] - Mongosh and new 2023 Egypt DST time
  • [MONGOSH-1478] - dropIndex() not working with readPreference=secondary in mongosh
  • [MONGOSH-1579] - JavaScript switch statement execution error
  • [MONGOSH-1590] - e2e tests are not running as part of unit test suite


  • [MONGOSH-1541] - Update Node.js driver, bson and mongodb-client-encryption to 6.0


  • [MONGOSH-1331] - sh.status() should omit deprecated fields from config.version
  • [MONGOSH-1369] - Expose and test static fromX bson type creation methods to Binary and ObjectId
  • [MONGOSH-1500] - Remove non-script rimraf usage
  • [MONGOSH-1507] - Property 'result' is private and only accessible within class 'BulkWriteResult'.
  • [MONGOSH-1514] - Atlas streams support
  • [MONGOSH-1520] - Remove all free monitoring helper functions from mongosh
  • [MONGOSH-1534] - Drop 4.0.x server from test matrix
  • [MONGOSH-1535] - Add testing on Node.js 20 and remove Node.js 14
  • [MONGOSH-1536] - Build mongosh binaries on Node.js 20
  • [MONGOSH-1537] - Move macOS compilation task to macOS 11.00
  • [MONGOSH-1538] - Add fallback compilation tasks on RHEL8
  • [MONGOSH-1542] - Removals from platform support matrix
  • [MONGOSH-1548] - Add 7.0 server to test matrix
  • [MONGOSH-1553] - Display warnings when running mongosh in unsupported environments
  • [MONGOSH-1556] - Remove keyVault single-Document wrapping methods
  • [MONGOSH-1592] - Account for server TLS option changes


  • [MONGOSH-1567] - Update driver dependencies to latest versions
  • [MONGOSH-1568] - Remove legacy methods of BSON classes
  • [MONGOSH-1569] - Align the return types of commitTransaction and abortTransaction with the driver spec
  • [MONGOSH-1570] - Use an allow-list for static properties/methods of BSON classes
  • [MONGOSH-1571] - Investigate the possibility of removing the custom BSON object pretty-printing code in mongosh

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