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Backport Query Stats to 7.0 Batch #9

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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 7.0.7
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    • Query Integration
    • Fully Compatible


      SERVER-84261 Avoid unnecessary copies in FindCmdShape constructor
      SERVER-81486 Extract `CmdWithLetShape::makeDummyExpCtx()` as an `ExpressionContext` constructor
      SERVER-84300 Avoid reading the clocks to report query stats (#17689)
      SERVER-84446: Fix re-parsing of $geometry without specified type. (#17800)
      SERVER-83946 Enable query stats for the mutational fuzzers (#17851)
      SERVER-84159 Don't wrap expression constant representative values in $const (#17672)
      SERVER-84632 Absorb query stats not enabled errors in RunQueryStats hook setup (#17929)
      SERVER-84566 Fix re-parsing errors for complex geometry types (#17883)
      SERVER-85190 Query stats store max size should be an atomic (#18034)
      SERVER-84630: Default to $geometry point for $geoNear representative shape. (#17918)
      SERVER-84298 Fix memory accounting for querystats and add tests (#18000)
      SERVER-85485: Fix serialization of legacy geo expressions. (#18266)
      SERVER-84529 Sort readPreference tags in query shapes (#18151)
      https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-82128 only deferrred.h changes
      SERVER-83926 Do not include mongos info in query stats' client metadata
      SERVER-85532: fix queryStats for invalid $hint syntax (#18225)
      SERVER-85374 Don't collect query stats for internal clients (#18219)
      SERVER-85719: Cleanup default parameters to serialize() calls. (#18385)
      SERVER-85376: Fix accumulator re-parsing with arrays
      SERVER-85719: Cleanup default parameters in serialize() calls.
      SERVER-85717 Shapify readConcern's 'atClusterTime' parameter (#18646)
      SERVER-86246: Include involved namespaces in AggCmd query shape size. (#18722)
      SERVER-86749 RunQueryStats hook should ignore all query stats disabl… (#19074)"
      SERVER-86654: Fix $regex $options re-parsing
      SERVER-84730 It's unsafe to reuse OpCtx for multiple operations when queryStats is concurrently disabled

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